Food workshop

'Cooking is eating, but so much more, it's enjoying, creating, sharing with your guests and making people happy.'

I am Erlend.

As a discipel of one of the 33 masterchefs of Belgium I pursued my career and quest within the culinary world to settle down here and culivate my love for the simple, honest yet surprising cuisine of this beautiful country.

Of course I love to share my passion with you and lead you with lots of pleasure trough this workshop in the treasury of Morocco. 

Our specialty is slow smoked and roasted lamb over argan wood. Argan is also the tree that gives us our exuise perfumed argan oil. We'll love to tell you more about it while we are cooking.

Whether it's fish, meat or vegetarian food,...Morocco and your chef will surprise you time after time. Our treasury is big enough.


Food workshop

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